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Dave's World specializes in the legal Acquisition and Transfer of H&K and other makes of registered Title II (NFA) Firearms and Accessories for it's qualifying Ohio-based customers. Dave's World also transfers Title II Firearms to or from out-of-state NFA dealers for end-customers. Dave's World works in conjunction with local Law Enforcement Agencies to help them determine their specific tactical equipment needs, and then helps them acquire the needed firearms and equipment from the various manufacturers as part of a package. Title I (non-NFA) Firearms are also orderable and available as-needed to qualified local (Ohio) customers, as are numerous firearms-realted accessories for customers within the continental United States. All products are typically obtained on an "as needed" basis per specific customer orders from our list of wholesalers, distributors and dealers which we have accounts with, unless otherwise noted. Dave's World, generally speaking, is not a "stocking dealer", helping keep our prices low by reducing our inventory and therefore our overhead costs. However, some products are currently in stock for immediate sale from either our own inventory, or that of our parteners and associates. For the same reason of keeping our prices low, Business Hours are generally "by appointment only" to our customers and qualified prospective customers. Please be sure to set up a time in advance to come meet with us and discuss your specific product needs. We will then take all the time necessary to explain the different possibilities and meet your specific product needs.

Some of the fine products which Dave's World has supplied to our loyal customers in the past include: various Machine Guns and Sub Machine Guns; Sound Suppressors; "Any Other Weapons" including Flashlight Guns, Pen Guns, and Umbrella Guns; Short Barrel Rifles; Short Barrel Shotguns; Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns; Rifle Scopes and other precision sighting devices; Electronic Ear Muffs (with or without a built-in FM Stereo Radio receiver); precision Progressive Reloading Presses, Dies, Tools, and Accessories; padded Carry, Range, and Storage Bags; Gun and Security Safes; Tactical Gun Sights and Electronic Aiming Devices; Gun Cleaning kits; and many, many other fine products. Please review the Product Definitions section for descriptions of all of these exciting products. Then, please see the For Sale section to view some of the products available from Dave's World. Finally, please contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.

In addition to the fine products which we have for sale, Dave's World is also looking for some items to buy itself. Please take a look at our Wanted To Buy section and give us a hand by supplying us with this stuff if you can. We might also be able to work out a trade depending on the items involved.

Thank you in advance for your business!

All NFA Rules Apply.
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Effective July 1st, 2010, Dave's World is now a Title II NFA Firearms Manufacturer, also known as a Type 07 - Class II Manufacturer. Due to this recent upgrade after many years as a Title II NFA Dealer, we are considering our future Title II Firearms Manufacturing responsibilities. As always, Customer Satisfaction is VERY important to us, so we try very hard to make sure that you are satisfied with each and every purchase. To that end-goal, Dave's World also has agreements with several reputable Class II NFA Firearms Manufacturers, both in and outside of Ohio, and continues to recommend and/or utilize those manufacturers for Dave's World customers' specific gunsmithing needs as needed. One example of this would be for Custom Barrel Threading to aid in the attachment of removable Firearms' Suppressors or Compensators. Please contact us if we can be of assistance to you in this area, and we will help you get the task completed professionally!

Dave's World now has a local experienced Machinist who is doing excellent firearms' work for us. Examples of this fine quality gun work include engraving, barrel shortening and crowning, barrel threading and capping, modifying H&K Trigger Packs and Receivers as needed for Post Samples, and other firearms' related machine shop projects. The engraving generally looks better than some that is coming from major manufacturers (depending on the surface texture), while the "covert" barrel threading and capping for Suppressors is virtually unnoticeable unless you know to look for it (according to our customers). Pictures of some of this work will hopefully be coming soon to this web page.

Dave's World also uses local Gun Ranges (when available) for it's customers to be able to test fire their firearm(s) upon initial inspection or final pickup. In addition, a professionally trained staff member is always on-site with you whenever our firearms' range is in use in order to ensure everyone's satisfaction and safety. This local firearms' range is a service that most other Title II Dealers can not directly offer it's customers. Just another reason to purchase from Dave's World!

Finally, for our Law Enforcement customers, low-cost demonstrations of various individual Firearm(s) or complete Firearms' Systems will be made upon request, assuming the necessary equipment is available. When the specific equipment is not available, it can be ordered in at a minimal cost per departmental request. Our on-staff certified (OPOTA) Law Enforcement Officer graduate(s) will be glad to assist you with these matters. Please contact us for more details, or drop us a quick e-mail to let us know you are interested.

All NFA Rules Apply.
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Firearms and Accessories For Sale

Please check our For Sale page for all the latest information on items which we have for sale. Also check our Wanted To Buy page for things which we need and might be able to trade you for. If you want or have something not listed, please contact us with the details, and we will see what we can do.
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All NFA Rules Apply.
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Product Definitions

NFA Firearms in general

The term "NFA Firearms" includes any "Title II" Firearms as defined by the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 and the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, as amended, including Machine Guns, Sound Suppressors, Short Barrelled Rifles, Short Barrelled Shotguns, and "Any Other Weapons" (AOW's). These firearms are heavily regulated by United States (U.S.) Federal Law, but are still legally obtainable by U.S. Citizens in most states of the country, after a lengthy background investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This of course is provided that the firearms were legally manufactured and properly registered by a Class II NFA Manufacturer (for domestic origin NFA Firearms), or for NFA Firearms of international origin, the same is true (subject to some additional constraints), provided that they were legally imported and properly registered in this country by a Class I NFA Importer. Legal acquisision and possession of these items requires a thorough Federal Background Check and payment of a Federal Transfer Tax, which is also known as a "Tax Stamp". This "Transfer Tax" is a one-time $200 per item fee for all NFA Firearms except AOW's, which are a one-time $5 per item fee. (This transfer tax is not a reoccuring fee as some have questioned.)

A Special Occupational Tax (SOT) paying FFL Dealer (also known as an NFA Dealer or a Class III NFA Dealer) such as Dave's World is typically involved in the transfer process of these firearms, which includes selecting the proper firearm(s) for purchase, filling out the necessary paperwork, initiating the background check by payment of the transfer tax and submission of the paperwork, test-firing of the firearm(s), and subsequent pickup of the firearm(s) upon approval of the transfer of ownership by the BATFE. (Class II NFA Manufacturers and Class I NFA Importers can also complete these steps; they and Class III Dealers are all considered Title II Firearms "Dealers" in the NFA firearms' world.) Once the transfer has been approved by the BATFE, the new owner of the NFA Firearm(s) takes delivery of them immediately from the tranferring dealer, and then is responsible for not only cleaning and maintaining them (to protect their own investment), but more importantly also protecting them from misuse or theft (as prescribed by Federal Law). NFA Firearms can NOT be loaned to your friends for the day or the weekend as regular (Title I) Firearms could be, but you (the registered owner) can accompany the NFA Firearm(s) to the shooting range to meet your friends for a day of safe shooting practice within your state. As just hinted, NFA Firearms can NOT be moved (temporarily transfered) accross State Lines by an individual owner without prior written permission from the BATFE, but it is relatively easy to obtain this "transport" permission in advance. On the plus side, however, the BATFE historically has never come to a private owner's registered address to inspect an NFA Firearm, unless it was believed that the firearm in question was used in the comission of a crime. In other words, once you own it, it is yours to own, keep and protect, unless you decide to transfer it to someone else later using the same process described here, or unless you move to a state or region where such ownership is prohibited. This is a big responsibility, so please do not take it lightly.

More details about the different categories of NFA (Title II) Firearms and what those categories include according to BATFE definitions can be found in the sections below.

Select-Fire Firearms - Fully Automatic Firearms - Machine Guns - Sub Machine Guns - Assault Weapons

Select-Fire Firearms discharge one or more rounds of ammunition for each pull of the trigger. These speciality firearms, also known as Fully Automatic Firearms, (Sub) Machine Guns, and sometimes Assault Weapons, come in a variety of configurations (such as pistol, carbine, and rifle styles), and also chamber a variety of calibers (such as .380, 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, 7.62x39mm, .223, .308, etc.). Select-Fire Firearms are called that because they usually have a selector lever or control button which determines if they are firing in semi-automatic (single shot) or fully-automatic (multi shot) mode. Sometimes these firearms also have what are known as "burst control units" fitted to them so that they can be set to fire a specific (controlled) number of rounds for each pull of the trigger in full-auto mode. A typical example of this is the H&K Three Round Burst unit, which became very popular on the original H&K 9mm MP5 SMG, and which controls the firing of not more than three rounds of ammunition for each pull of the trigger, thereby aiding in controlability and conserving one's ammunition supply. Since it's introduction, various other "burst control units" have been developed and deployed by the manufacturers on various Select Fire Firearms. Most "burst control units" still allow "uncounted" full-auto fire of the entire magazine capacity in one position of the selector, but some units issued only allow semi-auto or burst-controlled firing.

Select-Fire Firearms properly manufactured and registered domestically prior to the cutoff date of May 19th 1986, or properly imported and registered prior to the effective date of the imporation cutoff of the Gun Control Act of 1968, are said to be "Fully Transferable" machine guns. Provided that these "Fully Transferable" machine guns were manufactured and properly registered in the United States as just described, they can be transfered between and owned by any non-criminal U.S. Citizens (subject to a few other constraints, and State and Local Laws) as can other any other of the Title II firearms described here. But there are two other categories of Title II Select Fire Firearms besides "Fully Transferable", and these categories of Full Auto Firearms can not currently be transferred to or possessed by civilians in the United States. These more-restricted (Sub) Machine Guns include Pre-1986 Dealers Samples, Machine Guns imported after 1968 but before the May 19th 1986 cutoff imposed by the McClure-Volkmer Act, and Post-1986 Sales Samples, Machine Guns manufactured or imported after the May 19th 1986 cutoff. Again, under current U.S. law, neither of these categories of firearms can be owned or possessed by civilians in this country.

Technically speaking, the term Machine Gun (MG) refers to a fully automatic or select fire firearm which fires rifle caliber ammunition, while the term Sub Machine Gun (SMG) refers to a fully automatic or select fire firearm which fires pistol caliber ammunition. Hence, SMG implies firing pistol ammunition, while MG implies firing rifle ammunition. These terms are routinely used interchangably, although sometimes they should not be.

Law-abiding Collectors and Shooters throughout the U.S. routinely go through the sometimes-lengthy transfer process in order to own these "speciality" firearms. Some people do this just to collect these firearms (as they make very good collector's pieces), while others purchase them as a good form of investment, while still others purchase these firearms simpy to "have a piece of history" in their homes. Finally, the biggest chunk of folks who purchase these registered firearms go through this process in order to be able to practice for and compete in organized local and national competitions specifically designed and sponsored for select-fire firearms. There is nothing like a good machine gun competition where personal movement speed, shot placement accuracy, ammunition usage control, clearing of the inevitable malfunctions, proper use of cover, decisive target engagement, and safe firearms' handling are combined into a timed event to test the operator's overall abilities. In addition, various local and national shooting events where machine gun owners can also get together and simply "blast away" for hours at a time safely at used appliances and automobiles are quite popular with people from all over the world, providing yet another form of relaxation. Hence the saying "Happiness is a warm machine gun!". For more information on these types of shooting events, please check out the events schedule shown elsewhere at this site (events subject to cancellation and availabilty).

In terms of some of the Transferable (Sub) Machine Guns specifically, they can further be classified into yet another category, as many of you have been asking about recently. Although some other makers of (Sub) Machine Guns also fall into this distinction, this paragraph will specifically pertain to the H&K firearms. So, for Fully Transferable H&K (Sub) Machine Guns, there are three different types of "conversions" legally available. This would include: (1) Regsitered Sear Conversions, (2) Registered Receiver Conversions without the Push Pin Hole, and (3) Registered Receiver Conversions with the Push Pin Hole. A brief description of each, as well as a discussion of the relative value of each verses the other two, will follow shortly. Please check back soon for more details.

Sound Suppressors

Sound Suppressors are used to make the loud sudden noise caused by discharging a firearm less noticable to those around the firearm, including the shooter themself. These sound suppressors are also sometimes known as mufflers or silencers, although the term Suppressor is the most-correct term given today's technology. A good reason to use a Suppressor is to allow the shooter to target practice quietly, without bothering their hearing, or the hearing of those around them. Good suppressors can allow a person to safely shoot a small caliber firearm in some environments without needing any hearing protection, or a large caliber firearm comfortably with only minimal hearing protection. Sometimes suppressors are built directly onto a firearm, making that firearm what is called "Integrally Suppressed". Many other times, Suppressors are seperate from the host firearm, making them usable on several different firearms of the same caliber and/or type. Suppressors of this type include the traditional screw-on type, as well as the more-modern quick-connect or quick-lock types. H&K's three lug barrel is a good example of a quick-connect system for attaching and detaching suppressors quickly and accurately. Other companies have come up with their own version of the now-famous H&K Thre Lug Barrels.

Just like Select-Fire Firearms, Suppressors are collected and enjoyed by many investors and shooters throughout the United States and around the world. Transfer of Suppressors also requires the same Federal Background Check and Federal Transfer Tax as do machine guns and the other Title II Firearms to be described later. For BATFE purposes, Suppressors are also considered an NFA Firearm, just as a Machine Gun is, even though the suppressor can not actually fire a round of ammunition. These subtle technicalities are important when dealing with NFA Weapons!

Short Barreled Rifles and Short Barreled Shotguns

Short-barreled Rifles (SBR's) include any rifle having a barrel of length less than 16.5 inches. Short-barreled Shotguns (SBS's) include any shotgun having a barrel of length less than 18.5 inches. Both can be legally registered as NFA Firearms, and can therefore be legally owned and transfered like the Select-Fire Firearms and Sound Suppressors described above. However, unlike Machine Guns, SBR's and SBS's can still today be legally manufactured for civilian use in the United States. According to current law, Short Barreled Shotguns can have a Pistol Grip attached to them (which makes them a Smooth Bore Pistol in a sense), but "Any Other Weapons" (described later) can NEVER have a Shoulder Stock attached to them (making them a shoulder fired firearm). (Well, not in most circumstances anyway).

Any Other Weapons (AOW's)

The NFA Firearm category "Any Other Weapons" (AOW's) includes things like: Smooth Bore Pistols (shotguns without a stock), Pen Guns (which look like a writing pen), Flashlight Guns (are usually a functional flashlight also), Umbrella Guns (contained in an Umbrella), Walking Cane Guns (contained in a Cane), Cell Phones Guns (if we can get these into the country), and some other combination firearms like the Springfield Armory M6. These AOW's are all NFA Registered Firearms also, just like any of the other Title II (NFA) Firearms listed in this definitions section, but as AOW's, they only require a $5 Federal Transfer Tax once per transfer (not $200 each as for everything else which is Title II listed above). As such, some people prefer only to collect AOW's as NFA Firearms.

Regular (Title I) Firearms

This category includes Revolvers and Pistols (Handguns), Rifles, and Shotguns which are non-suppressed, which do not have short barrels, and which only fire one round of ammunition for each action of the trigger mechanism. Put another way, these Title I Firearms are the more-common firearms which one sees and hears about vurtually every day. Semi-automatic Firearms fall into this category, although many times these firearms are mistakenly refered to by the media as "Automatic Weapons" and/or "Assault Weapons". Semi-automatic firearms are neither Automatic nor Assault in the traditional sense of those words.

Firearms' Accessories

Firearms Accessories to us at Dave's World is everythig realted to Firearms except the actual Title I or Title II Firearms themselves (again, Title II Firearms include Machine Guns, Sound Suppressors, SBR's, SBS's, and AOW's), or Firearms' Ammunition. To us, Firearms Accessories includes Optical Scopes, Laser Aiming Devices, Targeting Aides, Barrel Extensions, Compensators, etc.; basically anything mounted to the firearm for shooting. Again, Firearms, Suppressors, and Ammunition do not fall into this category, nor do Cleaning Kits or Shooting Bags. (Dave's World does not sell ammunition to the public.)

Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories to us at Dave's World is everythig else needed for the complete and safe shooting experience using Firearms, but not directly related to the actual Firearms or any Accessories directly mounted to the actual Firearms (all of which were described above). This would include Shooting Glasses, Hearing Protectors, Universal Firearms Cleaning Kits and Rods, Firearms Storage Bags and Cases, Shooting Bags, Gun Safes and Quick-Access Boxes, Holsters, Magazine Pouches, etc. (Again, Dave's World does not sell ammunition to the public.) Occassionally this category might also include clothing items for sale, if they are somehow related to firearms or our customers.

Small Arms Ammunition

Well just this week (September 22, 2003) we proved to ourselves here at Dave's World why we do NOT sell Ammunition to the public. The bureaucracy and mounds of paperwork to even ship the stuff by ground using a common carrier and to a qualified receiver less than 100 miles away makes it almost impossible to pull off, and certainly not in a timely matter. I feel so much safer knowing that my government is protecting me with all this red tape about Dangerous Materials like ORM-D. Dave's World does not sell ammunition to the public, nor anyone else for that matter. We wouldn't be able to ship it to you if we did!

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about or purchasing any of these items described above. To find out what items Dave's World currently has in stock or can quickly order in for you on request, please check out our For Sale page.

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All GCA of 1968 and NFA of 1934 Rules Apply.
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How to Purchase an NFA Firearm - a summary written for Ohio Residents, but applicable to the residents of most of the other continental United States.

The following text is a summary of the procedure needed for an individual resident of the State of Ohio to legally acquire and transfer to his/her Firearms' collection a "Fully Transferable NFA Firearm", which includes "fully transferable" Machine Guns and Sub Machine Guns, Supressors, Short Barrelled Rifles and Short Barrelled Shotguns, and "Any Other Weapons" (AOW's). A different procedure might be applicable for residents of other states of the United States of America, or for Corporate acquisitions of NFA Firearms. This procedure is not necessary for the purchase and transfer of Title I (non-NFA) Firearms (such as ordinary Rifles, Pistols, and Shotguns). Once the NFA Firearm transfer has been approved by the BATFE, and the transfered firearm or suppressor has been picked up from the local NFA Dealer (such as Dave's World), a few things should be kept in mind by the new owner of that NFA Firearm: More information can be obtained by sending specific questions to Dave's World, or by checking back here later for additional information to be posted as it is prepared. Please contact us for more details. Be sure to include a valid subject and your e-mail address for a reply. Please note that we specialize in legal transfers for Ohio (United States) residents, so we are unable to respond to questions from other countries.

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All NFA Rules Apply.
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Contact Information for Dave's World

Please click here for our Contact Information. This information remains the same, but had to be moved off-page to help fight those pesky e-mail SPAM'ers. In addition, off-site and on-site SPAM filters are now in place and being used, meaning that some of your e-mails to us might inadvertantly bounce back to you or silently get dropped at our ISP. If this happens, please try again, or contact us by another means, as we value your business as much as ever! Sorry for any inconvenience which this may cause you, but we were forced to take these steps due to all the low-lifes out there sending the SPAM and viruses all over the Internet.

As always, our Web Site is available at this address, the one and only Dave's World of Title II Firearms and Accessories located in Ohio:

web http://www.DavesWorld-OH.com/

All NFA Rules Apply.
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Firearms and Tactical Training - certifications held by Dave's World personnel

Dave's World's owner/founder and/or it's associates on staff have completed the following formal training related to either Firearms, Self Defense, Tactical Defensive Situations, and/or Law Enforcement. Please note that this is training which we have received in order to help make us more competent in doing Title II Firearms business with you the customer. (This is NOT training which we offer to you the customer or to the public in general. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused in the past.)

theusualsuspects.jpg (114KB)
(Shown above are some of our many Law Enforcement and Civilian training associates!)

(Shown below is one of the founder's legally-owned official Ohio Deputy Sheriff badges from the public service work he has generously done during his lifetime.)
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Links of Interest - things which might help you with your firearms

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Disclaimer and Comments

Since there always seems to be Fine Print in life, here is the Fine Print for the Dave's World company in general, and this web page specifically:

Copyright © 1993 - 2016 by Mr.D.Scofield dba Dave's World; the author reserves all rights unless otherwise noted. All information, prices and schedules are subject to change without notice. No responsibility is assumed or implied by the author or any company personnel for this web page's content, it's accuracy, or it's value; for the user's actions with the products and/or services advertised, described, sold, specified, suggested, transferred or delivered by Dave's World; or for the external links referenced herein and their respective contents. Remember, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people", so be sure to NEVER point ANY firearm at anything unless you intend to destroy (kill) it. Due to the nature of this business, the owner and staff reserve all rights not to conduct business with any person or organization for any reason. Period.

(the H&K logo is a registered trademark of Heckler and Koch GmbH/USA)

By the way, we also do other things within Dave's World besides Firearms Sales and Demonstrations. Please contact us for more details on our Dave's World - Computer Consulting division or Dave's World - Repair Services division if you are interested in learning more about any of these non-firearms products and services. Complete Computer System Protection is D W C C's speciality, but they also sell and install Computer Hardware & Software and perform Operating System maintenance and repair as needed or on a contract basis. Electronics and other repair services are D W R S's speciality, plus there is usually some Electronics Engineering going on! Contact us for more details.

Did we mention that All NFA Rules Apply ?

Finally, MANY THANKS to all of the loyal customers of Dave's World which we have helped over the years! Without you, all of this great free information would not be here for you and your friends to read today. Thank you for your continued support! Please think of us again the next time you need something for your firearms collection, and feel free to share our business card with your friends and associates!

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Please contact us with any comments or suggestions.
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