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We currently have only limited transferable firearms in inventory for sale. However, we can help you locate and purchase any of the various categories of Title II (and Title I) firearms and Accessories shown below on a "custom order" basis. Please check back for changes to our "For Sale" list monthly. Thanks!

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NOTE: Please contact Dave's World for product availability before traveling out of your way to view or purchase an item.

NOTE: Click on any picture shown below to see a larger view. Use your browser's Back Button to return here.

Fall Hunting Season is less than six months away, so order your hunting gear now! deals on used items are available below. New items are always available -- just ask for what you know you want, or ask for help in selecting what's best for your particular needs!

Stuff For Sale - Retail

If you are an Ohio resident, especially residing in the Central Ohio area, and are needing to complete the paperwork and take delivery of any (legal) Title II (NFA) Firearm from an out of state or non-local Title II dealer, or are needing to take delivery of any Title I (non-NFA) Firearm from an out of state or non-local dealer, then please contact us and we can help you get your firearm(s) to where you need them, in your possession. In addition, if you are purchasing an NFA Firearm from another resisdent of the state of Ohio and might need help completing the required ATF paperwork, then please feel free to contact us for professional assistance in getting the forms submitted correctly.

NOTE: Please see the Product Definitions for the various types of Firearms and Accessories which Dave's World handles. Those definitions are shown on a seperate page, and will help explain the following categories of items currently listed "For Sale" by Dave's World and it's associates. Alternatively, if underlined or highlighted, you may click on the various section titles below to access the description for that type of firearm or accessory. Just use your browser's BACK button to return to this section after reading the definition(s) you are interested in.

Select-Fire Firearms - Machine Guns - Sub Machine Guns - Fully Automatic Firearms - Assault Weapons

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We currently accept orders and handle transfers of these items regularly. From time to time we also have the opportunity to broker a fine quality Title II Firearm for another individual or dealer, in which case we will list it for sale here. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these items, including as many details as possible about what it is that you are searching for, and we will be glad to help you however we can. Some fine quality Select-Fire Firearms from Heckler and Koch are shown above.

We currently have the following Select-Fire Firearms for sale:

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Sound Suppressors

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Various sample Sounds Suppressors are shown above. We currently have the following individual Suppressors and/or Integrally Suppressed Firearms for sale:
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Short Barreled Rifles and Short Barreled Shotguns

We currently have the following Short Barreled Rifles and/or Short Barreled Shotguns for sale as indicated: We also accept new orders and handle transfers of these items as needed. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these items.

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Any Other Weapons (AOW's)

We accept your standard or custom orders for AOW's, and/or handle out of town transfers of these items for you, as needed and per your requirements. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these items. This would include AOW's such as Pen Guns, Umbrella Guns, Walking Cane Guns, Flashlight Guns, Briefcase Guns, and other speciality collector guns, some of which may also be suppressed AOW firearms. We currently have the following "Any Other Weapons" (AOW's) for sale as indicated: We also accept new orders and handle transfers of these items as needed. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these items.

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Regular (Title I) Firearms

We do not routinely stock any new Regular (Title I) Firearms at Dave's World, due to the fact that new models and variations are being introduced by the various Firearms' manufacturers all of the time. However, we do have accounts with many of the different firearms' distributors throughout the United States, and we are therefore able to order many of the different brands in NEW for our customers as needed. And, due to Federal Firearms Laws, shipping is usually by Next Day Air, so you can be assured that your purchase can be made quickly and conveniently. We have accounts to readily purchase the following Title I Firearms New In Box (NIB) - listed in alphabetical order:

In addition, we occassionally have regular (Title I) firearms for sale in used but good-working condition, or new or used firearms for sale or trade on cosignment from other associates which we broker for. Please check back here from time to time for more details on this, or contact us and let us know what firearm(s) you are interested in purchasing.

We currently have the following used Title I Firearms either in stock or on allocation for immediate sale as indicated below:

We also handle transfers of any of the legal firearms mentioned on this page from in-state or out-of-state FFL Dealers regularly as a service to our fellow dealers and our loyal local (Ohio) customers. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these items or services mentioned herein.

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Firearms' Accessories

We currently have the following Firearms' Accessories in stock and available for immediate sale as indicated (with any missing pictures hopefully coming soon):

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Shooting Accessories

Many different shooting-sports realted accessories are available in stock or can be quickly ordered for our customers. Although not directly related to a specific firearm, these are still very important to the safe, enjoyable hunting or target shooting experience. These would include (but are not limited to) the following items:
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Other Items For Sale

Other items For Sale, offered and sold as listed (all As Is, some with delivery restrictions). Usually these items are one of a kind, so when they are gone, they are gone!

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Shipping and Payment Information

Additional details can be found at Fine Print.

Send e-mail to Dave's World

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Stuff For Sale - Wholesale

FFL Dealers, the same stuff as listed above is available to you for immediate transfer at a reduced cost (unless already sold) for your local customers, but please feel free to contact us directly for discount pricing and availability of multiple quantities of these or other items in stock. Please be sure to send us a signed copy of your FFL/SOT for Dealer Pricing. You can fax or e-mail a signed copy image of your FFL/SOT for faster pricing ONLY, but remember that shipments of Firearms and some other items still require an original signed copy to be mailed so that it is on file, as per the law. (Sending your FFL number is not the same as sending an image of a signed copy of your FFL.)

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Stuff For Sale - Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies, please feel free to contact us directly for pricing and availability of any of the items listed above, or other items which you made need, including high-capacity magazines and tactical gear. Many more items than depicted here are available either in stock or by special order for Law Enforcement personnel only. Plus, we do try to offer an extra discount or incentive whenever availble to sworn law enforcement officers for bringing Dave's World their private or departmental business. (Non-LE personnel need not bother asking what, where, or why.)

Just a few examples of LE-only items:

In addition, please remember that no-obligation Product Demonstrations of Selected Firearms and Suppressors are available by request from Dave's World. Several different makes and models of select-fire firearms and suppressors are in stock and ready for demonstration, and others are available on order.

themotleycrew.jpg (112KB)
(some old friends "out in the bush" -- some gone, but none forgotten!)

Dave's World was founded in part by Law Enforcement Officers to help other Law Enforcement Officers and Agenecies acquire the necessary equipment and training needed to safely and effectively fight crime in today's ever-changing world. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.

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Stuff Wanted To Buy

Click on this link if you have stuff for sale yourself. Firearms and non-firearms realted stuff is listed Wanted To Buy. Thanks for your help!

(In hoping that all of the previous pictures showed up without any trouble, the below "no picture" is here just for fun!)

No Picture Currently Available

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Fine print for all sales:

Please remember that for all Title II transactions, All NFA Rules Apply.
For all Title I transactions, All GCA Rules Apply.

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